Three decades of creating jewellery that goes on to become a timeless treasure. Shree GK Chudiwalas was founded by Shri Krishna Kumar Chudiwala in 1991 to materialise his love and fondness for coloured stones. Initially, he grew the company by himself on the principles of trust and quality. Later, his sons, Mr. Nikunj Mittal and Mr. Vatsal Mittal joined the family business in 2010 and 2016 respectively. Then, there was no looking back.

While Mr. Nikunj travelled all through the country showcasing the brilliance and exclusivity of the brand, Mr. Vatsal took a deep dive into the study of gemology to source, design and offer the most exquisite range of ornate jewellery. Each piece of jewellery from our collection tells a fascinating story and derives inspiration from the rich traditions, culture and heritage of Rajasthan while also infusing it with a touch of modernity.

Our team consists of extremely skilled artisans who have been practicing the art of jewellery for decades. These masters of their art manufacture everything from the most traditional form of jewelley making, Kundan Meena to an elite collection of Diamond jewellery along with the elegant combination of both art forms- Fusion Jewellery. Shree GK Chudiwalas is a treasure trove of pristine jewellery waiting to be explored and experienced.

Welcome to the world of elegance. We, at Shree G. K. Chudiwalas, offer our treasure trove of an exotic range of Kundan Meena Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery and Fusion Jewellery, all under a single roof.

Shree G. K. Chudiwalas



The traditional and elegant Kundan Meena Jewellery is our forte at Shree G. K. Chudiwalas. It is one of the oldest forms of jewellery making, crafted with an unadulterated precision and skills that have been carried over for centuries. A true heritage of the blend between Mughal and Rajasthani cultures, Kundan Meena jewellery symbolizes ethereal beauty, elegance and an unparalleled craftsmanship.



Our elite collection of premium Diamond Jewellery presents an extensive variety of options, from classic designs to modern influences. ‘A diamond is forever’, this famous quote perfectly sums up the eternal elegance of Diamond Jewellery. Discover these timeless pieces that represent the finest of jewellery by Shree G. K. Chudiwalas.



While our aforementioned collections of Kundan Meena and Diamond jewellery have their unmatched value in their pristine form, the Fusion Jewellery collection by Shree G. K. Chudiwalas has its own unique significance. This combination of the traditional Kundan Meena and the luxurious diamond jewellery offer an elegance available only in our Fusion Jewellery.



How We Handcraft Excellence

Drawn by the love for traditions while keeping an eye on the contemporary elements of design, Shree G. K. Chudiwalas has a team of award winning designers that handcraft intricate sets of elegant jewellery. Discover our various jewellery designing processes that are carried out with expert precision and a touch of class.