Diamond Jewellery

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Aisling Bangles

A delicate and elegant pair of bangles made with handpicked diamonds and 14k rose gold. Enhanced with baguettes, it brings a very poetic personification of beauty to its wearer.

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Aisling Diamond Bangles

Eclatant Earrings

This radiant and sparkling pair of rose gold danglers is inspired by the touch-me-not plant. Its true elegance lies in its sleek, eye-catching design that is bound to make every head turn.

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Eclatant Diamond Earrings

Rêveuse Necklace

An intriguing and tantalizing diamond necklace set made with 14k rose gold. This piece, prepared with rare craftsmanship skills, is all set to offer you luxurious and queenly feels.

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Rêveuse Diamond Necklace Set

Crystalline Necklace

This intricately handcrafted necklace framed with 14k gold offers the absolute best of diamond jewellery. The emerald gemstone at the center ameliorates its beauty to unparalleled standards.

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Crystalline diamond jewellery necklace set

Floraison Ring

A classic flower-shaped 14k rose gold diamond ring that keeps its viewer’s eyes glued to it. The exceptional floral resemblance that it offers will bring all kinds of positive vibes when you wear this beauty.

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Floraison Diamond Ring

Sirène Pendant Set

This white beauty is a 14k rose gold framed, diamond pendant set that emits its own bright scintillation. Bring it home and witness a mesmerizing radiance that resembles a full moon in a clear sky.

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Sirène Diamond Pendant Set

Mélange Bracelet

Embedded with mystical floral motives, this pleasing and lustrous bracelet is carefully handcrafted to showcase a seamless balance between elegance and a flash of radiance.

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Mélange Diamond Bracelet